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Synopsis and Script for "Come On In We're Dead"

Adapted for the screen and directed by Jim Hancock


A true story...... 1932, The record for the most lawmen shot dead in the history of the United States
10 cops in Springfield Missouri went to arrest 2 small time gangsters, 25 and 30 years old, known as the Young brothers, living outside the city on a farm. The young men, Harry and Jennings had been on the run for the murder of a town marshall 3 years earlier. The Sheriff Marcell Hendrix had been neighbors with the fugitive’s family and late father in particular and had watched the boys grow up so they didn't expect any trouble, as a consequence they showed up with nothing but the sixguns on their belts, and little ammo, In spite of the fact that the boys were well known for their marksmanship.
The farm was on a large open piece of land with a scattering of trees around a farmhouse. The lawmen parked a good distance away from the house so the Young brothers wouldn't hear their cars. Their only concern was the brothers would escape out the back door. So the lawmen walked up and knocked on the door. When their knocks went unanswered the sheriff and his deputy pushed in the kitchen door and the brothers opened up with 2 blasts from a shotgun, killing one and horrifically injuring the other by blowing his face off, an injury so horrific, his face and eyes all hung from his chin. The rest of the lawmen ran for the trees, where they were trapped, the brothers from the cover of the dark house picked off the lawmen, 4 survivors lived to tell this story that would forever change how Police would approach and arrest known fugitives and suspects.....


Researched and Written for the Screen,
Directed, DP’d, Edited
Jim Hancock

Produced by
Jim Hancock
Alex Mionie

Jim Hancock
David Paul Lord
Brian Crumb
Porter Versfelt III
Alex Mionie
Chris Jocobs

Sound Engineer
Nick Olawumi
Adam Smith
Russell Kreeger

Royia Eller Grip & Slate
Deborah Carr P.A.

Hair and Makeup
Nancy Hancock
Paula Molinari
Dana Green Zekri

Special Effects Makeup
Emily Kaye Holloway

Special Effects Organic
Jim Hancock
Alex Mionie
David Paul Lord
Special Effects Digital
Jim Hancock
Chad Keller
2nd Editor
Chad Keller

Slim Fatz
Darcy Troville & Tom Troville
Vitamin Pets
Dave Holden
Fesliyan Studios
JV Stratocasters
Jack Baumgras
The Joy Drops

Research Material and consulting
“We’re Dead Come On In”
written by Bruce Davis

Crime Scene Photos
courtesy of City of Springfield

Special Thanks David Cunningham
Elizabeth Cunningham
Alex Mionie
David Paul Lord
Susan Balke
Christie Hawn Hartrampf
Jeff and Shelly Stevens
Lynn Dell

©Copyright Jim Hancock Productions





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