Alpha Trivette Marcel Henbrix
John Schmedes Tony Oliver

Cristie Hawn Hartrampf Journalist The only ficticous character, but based on real journalist that gathered the stories from the survivors of the massacre.
hh Alex Mionie Frank Pike jmjm
Brad Corbin Wiley Mashburn
Sam Gentry Ollie Crosswhite
Robert Hall Charley Houser

Brian Troxell Sid Meadows
Daryl Hall Virgil Johnson
Bryan Crespo Ben Billeau
jeje Edward Reid Owen Brown

Barry Piacente Lillard Hendrix No known picture exist
\sese Kim Chastain Ma Young
Lawrence Van Ralph Wegman No known picture exist
Paul McComiskey Lon Scott No known picture
Jimi Lanham   agag

Bill Humphries

Lieutenant Claud Beverly

no known picture
Chuck Evans   Chief Percy F. Heard
Jonnie Eller   Detective Peyton
Will Acree   A.P. Singleton